hi, im asher, i use he/they.
im trans ftm, genderqueer and gay
im 13 years old and i live in the netherlands.
im not aroace i just dont
i speak dutch and english and currently learning german and italian

i like music, especially indie rock
i like to paint my nails, hangout in vc or irl, walk, draw, read, watch yt etc
i currently am having a pretty big crush on alex turner (OBVIOUSLY)I like to listen to the radioi like green, grey and dark red
my favourite seasons are spring, autumn and winter
im currently hyperfixing on breaking bad, hazbin hotel, arctic monkeys, alex turner, charlie slimecicle and helluva bossQ, T, T, M, M, R, J, W, K, K>>>>


10-/18+, trans/homo/religionphobic, sexist, racist, pedo, wil/dt stan


i make rude and sex jokes, i use tone tags. i talk a lot and vent a lot,